Bleeding In Uterine Prolapse?

Illustration of Bleeding In Uterine Prolapse?
Illustration: Bleeding In Uterine Prolapse?

Doctor excuse me, I want to ask whether uterine prolapse in unmarried people can cause bleeding at all ???

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Uterine prolapse is a condition caused by weakening of the muscles and ligaments in the lining of the pelvis causing the uterus to descend into and / or protrude from the vagina. Although it is more common in women who are menopausal and have many previous births, this condition can also be experienced by women who have never given birth, or are not even married at all.

Bleeding is not a typical symptom that arises due to uterine prolapse. This condition is more often characterized by uncomfortable sensations such as prop in the pelvis, visible masses protruding from the vagina, urinary disorders (such as wetting the bed or just not being complete), defecation problems, sexual intercourse problems, and so on. It could be, the bulge of the uterus (womb) that comes out of the vagina is more prone to irritation so it is prone to bleeding.

The cause of weakening of the muscles and ligaments in the pelvic floor can be due to many factors. Apart from pregnancy and childbirth, obesity, low estrogen levels, chronic constipation, chronic coughing, and heavy lifting habits can greatly increase the risk of developing this condition.

Uterine prolapse that is mild often does not require special treatment. However, if the symptoms are very disturbing, this is a sign that you need to consult directly with your gynecologist regarding the best treatment to overcome them. If not treated properly, uterine prolapse can lead to a cystocele (bladder that protrudes into the vagina) or rectocele (rectum that protrudes into the vagina). The treatment given later can vary, from conservative therapy (for example with Kegel exercises, weight management, overcoming constipation, or pessary insertion) to surgery.

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