Bleeding On Lumps Of Hemorrhoids?

Illustration of Bleeding On Lumps Of Hemorrhoids?
Illustration: Bleeding On Lumps Of Hemorrhoids?

Good afternoon .. 3 days ago I was convicted of having hemorrhoid symptoms. But something is up for me. From 3 days ago, in my anus there was a lump. The lump felt sick. I sit, stand or even lie down feels very uncomfortable. To this day when in the morning I feel uncomfortable when sitting, suddenly I feel like something is broken in my anus and then bleed. When I checked it was correct, in my underwear there was blood. When I tried to clean my anus with cotton, I found blood on the lump in the anus. I suspect that the lump is a boil. Is it possible that there can be boils on the lumps of hemorrhoids? If yes, how to handle it? Then if not, why the lump can bleed? Thank you

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Hello, good afternoon Melinda ...

Complaints about bleeding from the anus can indeed be caused by hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids). Hemorrhoids are actually the bulge of blood vessels that swell / swell around the anus. Swelling of blood vessels can occur due to increased pressure on the blood vessels, for example due to pregnancy, being overweight, and others. When the hemorrhoids bulge is injured, for example due to straining too hard when defecating, it will bleed, this condition is referred to as bleeding hemorrhoids. The blood color is bright red / fresh and usually drips during bowel movements. Bleeding hemorrhoids can be treated with over-the-counter ointments, medications or patches. These products generally contain ingredients to temporarily reduce pain and itching in the anal area.

However, the presence of blood coming from the anus can also be caused by other possibilities, such as:

anal fissure, which is a wound in the skin tissue around the anus. The cause of this condition is generally friction with hard stool or large anal abscess, which is an infection in the small glands in the anal wall that secretes pus

Boils (folliculitis) are inflammation of the follicles / hair roots, whereas in hemorrhoids (which incidentally is a blood vessel) there are no hair roots, so it can be said that there are no boils in the hemorrhoids. But boils in the anus are very likely to occur, because in the anus there are hair follicles, which if an infection occurs, the follicles will become inflamed causing ulcers. Broken boils can also bleed as you complain, but the amount of blood that comes out on boils is generally not too large.

To ascertain the cause of the complaint you are experiencing, it requires a direct examination. Therefore we recommend that you see a doctor (more specifically a surgeon) to find out the cause of the complaint you are experiencing. The doctor will conduct questions and answers about complaints and conduct a physical examination. If needed the doctor may suggest additional examinations such as a colonoscopy examination.

While waiting for a doctor's appointment, avoid pressing the bulge in the anus. In addition, consumption of a lot of water at least 2.5 liters per day, and consumption of high-fiber vegetables every day, yes. Always clean the anus after every bowel movement and in the bath, to prevent possible infections. If the amount of blood that comes out is very much, so that makes you experience dizziness or weakness, immediately check with the nearest health facility.

That's it, hope it helps ..

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