Bleeding Out Within 2 Menstrual Periods?

Illustration of Bleeding Out Within 2 Menstrual Periods?
Illustration: Bleeding Out Within 2 Menstrual Periods?

Good evening, I want to ask about bleeding before menstruation. My daily life as a housewife with 1 child aged 8 years 4 months. Planning to have a pregnancy but destiny is still not. The story goes like this. Beginning in December late menstruation up to 34 days, routine menstrual period 25 days. I think it might still be normal because at that time the child was circumcised (sick due to abscess after circumcision) and we his parents did not sleep for 2 days except only 2 hours / day. Moreover, the normal menstrual period is 21-35 days. December, many periods come out up to 14 days. Then clean and the next menstruation period is 21 days (January 2020) and thank God it’s normal because it’s only 8 days, usually up to 10 days. But in February her blood came out red like menstruation but a little bit later then the blood appeared / pink spots on the 16th day (counted since the first day of menstruation in January). And on the 17th day the same red blood appeared but the color of the younger is not like menstruation but a little discharge and then appear spots like murky water. Before the 16th day (15th day) stomach cramps like menstruation. I think maybe during ovulation because I have also asked the doctor obgyn anyway, he said some people have also experienced symptoms of abdominal cramps during ovulation. Abdominal cramps to this day on the 17th day. Thank God the cramps were only brief and did not interfere with activities. What is this sign doctor? Is this condition normal? Or even worrying? Previously I thank the doctor who deigned to answer my question. Good night

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Hello Netty Ramadhani, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Regarding the story you describe is very good, but you do not include your current age, contraception used, but that's okay. I will try to explain some of the possibilities that occur to you now are as follows:

  Menstrual disorders. - This possibility arises from your menstrual symptoms that lately have undergone many changes, from prolonged cycles, prolonged menstrual periods, abnormal amounts. This disorder can arise due to hormonal instability caused by stress, use of contraception, lack of rest, etc. If you have sex before, you should think about pregnancy. Do a test pack in the morning, and if the results are positive pregnancy, then you should make sure to see an obstetrician because if there is a pregnancy and bleeding spots can lead to the possibility of abortion. Perimenopause. Is a transition experienced by women aged 30-40 who will experience menopause. Can last up to 4-10 years the process. Symptoms of early menopause. Cessation of menstruation in women permanently before the age of 40 years. Usually this is caused by the perimenopause that is too short. To ensure some of the above possibilities, you can consult an obstetrician for a direct examination. But I think at this time you can do the following:

 Evaluate your menstrual needs, see 1 - 3 months in the future, if there are menstrual disorders, consult yourself. Get enough rest, and keep your diet. Avoid excessive stress. Exercise regularly. That's all the answers I can give, thank you :)

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