Bleeding Outside Menstruation And Intercourse?

Illustration of Bleeding Outside Menstruation And Intercourse?
Illustration: Bleeding Outside Menstruation And Intercourse?

I want to ask A week ago my wife finished menstruating and I had sex with my wife, but not in the vagina … after a few days my wife’s vagina was bleeding in the clothes that came out of the vagina. Well, what is the cause?

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Hello Ryan,

Thank you for the question.

Spotting of blood outside the menstrual cycle can occur due to the influence of pregnancy (implantation spots) or also due to other conditions, such as hormonal imbalances, unhealthy lifestyles, extreme diets, the influence of drugs, the influence of birth control, injury to the birth canal, pelvic inflammation , endometriosis, myoma, uterine polyps, ectopic pregnancy, grape pregnancy, thyroid gland disorders, also pituitary disorders. If it is true after your last menstruation and your wife has never had sexual intercourse with ejaculation in or near the vagina, then the potential for pregnancy, wine pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy can be removed, but not with the various other possibilities mentioned earlier.

To ensure this, ideally your wife needs to see herself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. However, if a new complaint occurs occasionally, chances are that the condition is not dangerous, and can be improved by first following the tips:

 Rest more Do not have excessive sex that involves vaginal penetration, if there is still a lot of blood from the birth canal Do not take any drugs Do not be too stressed or anxious Eat more vegetables, fruits, and drink too much water If after undergoing the tips above his complaints back again until the months ahead, or when severe abdominal pain appears, abnormal vaginal discharge, and other more severe complaints, do not hesitate to accompany him to check his complaints directly to the nearest health facility for further treatment.

I hope this helps.

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