Bleeding Outside The Menstrual Cycle And Stomach Cramps And Bloating?

Illustration of Bleeding Outside The Menstrual Cycle And Stomach Cramps And Bloating?
Illustration: Bleeding Outside The Menstrual Cycle And Stomach Cramps And Bloating? Bing

I want to ask on March 19 I had spots for 7 days even though I was already menstruating at the beginning of the month. Then on April 3-4 I had spots again. Now I feel stomach cramps and my stomach is getting distended, why is that?

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Hello, sabrina1234, thanks for asking

Spotting or bleeding outside the menstrual cycle can be caused by the following:

1.    Hormonal disturbances, for example due to hormonal therapy, use of hormonal birth control

2.    Sudden weight changes

3.    Signs of pregnancy

4.    Signs of miscarriage

5.    Disturbances in the reproductive organs for example there are myomas, endometriosis, cysts

6.   Pelvic inflammation

7.    Psychological stress

8. Blood clotting disorders

Stomach cramps and bloating can be related to your spotting symptoms or something else. If it's related to your spotting, the possible causes are almost the same as the signs above, but if it's not related to your spotting symptoms, then the possible cause is inflammation of the intestines, appendicitis symptoms, or constipation.

To determine the cause, it is necessary to consult a doctor directly, physical examination, as well as supporting examinations such as blood tests, urine tests, pregnancy tests, to ultrasound if needed. Treatment and follow-up depends on the cause.

Here are some things you can do to prevent worsening of symptoms:

1.    Rest

2.     Drink a lot and eat iron-rich foods to prevent anemia (lack of blood)

3.    If you feel cramping, you can try compressing your stomach with warm water

4.              If you feel that your symptoms are worsening, weakness, bleeding increases, seek medical attention immediately

5.     Check this as soon as possible to the doctor to ensure your health condition

That's it, I hope it's useful.

6. Control stress


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