Bleeding Postinor Effects. Menstruation Or Early Pregnancy

Illustration of Bleeding Postinor Effects. Menstruation Or Early Pregnancy
Illustration: Bleeding Postinor Effects. Menstruation Or Early Pregnancy

Assalamuallaikum doc. From the beginning my wife had an irregular menstrual silkus doc, I want to ask? In March the 20th yesterday my wife menstruated and ended 26th. Continued 27th I had intercourse but I took it outside. dated April 2, I had intercourse again and I took it out again … Date 4 my wife bought Postinor 2 that night in taking 1 pill and then taking one more pill in a period of 12 hours because she was afraid getting pregnant again while my child is still 2 small little she doesn’t want to hurry up anymore have another baby again Then on 6th yesterday I had intercourse but I issued it outside the dock again, which is the question Doc? Why is it the 7th day today? my wife brown spots out a lot and her stomach is mild pain whether my wife is pregnant again or is it the effect of postinor 2 doc. and if menstruation allows menstrual silkus distance only 12 days? From last month my wife menstruated. In the midst of the 19th epidemic I was at home dock. Please enlighten me. Thank you

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Hi Afif,

Thank you for your question at Alodoker.

In general, menstrual cycles occur between 25-35 days, which is calculated from the first day of menstruation not the last day of menstruation. If you go on the 20th, then count from the 20th. Some people who have experienced a cycle of progress usually around 1-5 days before, and it is still in the normal stage.

Postinor is an emergency contraceptive used in women who have just had unprotected sex. This drug contains the hormone progestin which can inhibit the release of ovulation and can also change the texture and mucus of the uterine wall. Postinor is consumed by taking it orally.

Just like other drugs, postinor also has side effects, namely:

nausea to vomiting
bleeding occurs 2-3 days after use
tense breasts

Based on the complaint you made, it is possible to bleed due to the side effects of the postinor. If there is excessive bleeding, immediately consult it with your doctor. There are several conditions that can not consume postinor, namely: a history of bleeding, liver or kidney disease, cancer, asthma and hypertension.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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