Bleeding Profusely At Opening 1 In Labor?

Morning, I am already 9 months pregnant and the HP is on this 27th, I have 1 openings from yesterday morning, and quite a lot of blood came out. But until now it has been almost 24 hours there are still no openings anymore, the midwife said the fetus was healthy but I was still afraid. Guess why? And how long is the distance from opening 1 to the next opening? Answer please. Thank you

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In most cases, the discharge of blood from the birth canal will coincide (or at least be close to) the progress of the cervical opening and rupture of the membranes. This condition usually occurs when the gestational age is mature enough, which is at 36 weeks, or more. However, often also found, these signs of labor do not appear together or close together. This condition is mild but can also be dangerous for the mother and the fetus.

In women who are pregnant for the first time and have given birth, the length of the opening is often difficult to predict. Usually, the opening starts from the latent phase (1 to 3 cm openings) to the active phase (4 cm openings and above), which can last up to 20 hours, it could be more. Often, there is no progress in the cervical opening even after days. It is not clear exactly what accounts for this difference.

Determining whether the best treatment that needs to be done for your condition can only be done by examining a doctor or obstetrician directly. It is necessary to monitor the mother's vital signs, cervical openings, uterine contractions, and the fetal heart rate at regular intervals in this case. The medical personnel who handle you, with their competence and experience, will certainly know more about the steps that need to be taken.

Here are some suggestions for what you should do now:

Get rid of all negative thoughts Stay enthusiastic and think positive, for the fetus in your womb Hinari pushes before being ordered directly by your midwife or doctor. Get active, do pregnancy exercises and good breathing. Ask for support from your partner and relatives who accompany you Do oxytocin massage for help relax yourself, while increasing the progress of labor Wear comfortable clothes. Keep drinking and eating enough so that your stamina is maintained. Pray a lot and surrender to God At a certain time, based on a thorough examination of yourself and your fetus, midwife can decide whether observation can still be done to wait for the progress of labor to occur naturally, or if further treatment is needed by a doctor or obstetrician. If necessary, the doctor may perform labor induction or an artificial method of delivery, namely cesarean delivery, for the benefit of you and the fetus in your womb.

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