Bleeding Still Flows After Cholesteatoma Surgery?

Illustration of Bleeding Still Flows After Cholesteatoma Surgery?
Illustration: Bleeding Still Flows After Cholesteatoma Surgery?

Hello, I want to ask Yesterday Wednesday morning I ran an operation with a diagnosis of middle-ear coleastatoma. There is growth like abnormal and accumulated skin. After surgery until it is still bleeding, is that still normal? And how long does it usually take for the blood to stop? I haven’t had time to see the doctor again, and the control is still a week away. For medicine I was given acetylose drops and some oral medication. Thank you.

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Cholesteatoma is a medical condition characterized by the appearance of cysts on the skin (closed pockets or pockets of tissue that can be filled with air, fluid, pus, or other substances) located in the middle ear.

To overcome cholesteatoma disorders, usually the doctor will do surgery. It aims to remove cholesteatoma and prevent increased damage. Before surgery, usually patients will be given antibiotic drugs to eliminate infections in the ear and so that the ears become dry. Surgery or surgery is carried out in the area where the disease occurs. Including the growth of the coleoteatom itself, the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and all or part of the skull mastoid bone, depending on the extent of the severity and development of the cholesteatoma.

Complications from surgery can sometimes occur. Complications referred to patients generally feel pain, discomfort, bleeding and infection that can be prevented by giving antibiotics. Because the inner ear helps regulate body balance, the patient may experience dizziness or vertigo for several days. Nerves in the face can be damaged which causes the face to numb, but this condition is rarely found.

if bleeding continues to flow my advice immediately visit the doctor even if you have a chat for another week, or if an emergency you can go to the nearest hospital, because excessive bleeding causes you to lose a lot of blood, and need immediate treatment, and if you meet the complications that I mention that you can consult a doctor to take precautions so don't hesitate to get checked out immediately

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