Bleeding That Occurs Again After Delivery?

Illustration of Bleeding That Occurs Again After Delivery?
Illustration: Bleeding That Occurs Again After Delivery?

Good afternoon, I want to ask you r nOn May 17 yesterday I gave birth to my first ankle, and now it’s not over 40 days r nMy question is whether I have bleeding or menstruation, because after giving birth about 2 weeks the blood starts to flow normally. 3 weeks is starting to run out and clean. But why the last few days the blood that comes out is repeating like the first weeks huh? Even though for a while it was 40 days finished. R nPlease explain

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Hello Tia, thank you for the question for

Postpartum bleeding that recurs after stopping can be caused by several possibilities:

1. remaining tissue in the uterus

2. infection

3. use of contrapses (hormonal or iud)

4.menstruation (especially for mothers who do not exclusively breastfeed)

To ascertain the cause of bleeding, an internal examination, ultrasound, and blood examination is necessary. go to the doctor immediately if there are any of the following symptoms:

1. decreased consciousness, dizziness to fainting

2. fever

3. severe pelvic pain

4. bleeding profusely with blood clots

since your bleeding repeats as it was in the early weeks, you should go back to your doctor for the above examination.

so my answer hopefully helps

dr. Irna Cecilia

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