Illustration of Bleeding
Illustration: Bleeding

Afternoon dock, if for example after giving birth to the 3rd week the blood does not come out but by the 4th week it will bleed and lumps of mucus is that normal doc?

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Bleeding after childbirth occurs during the postpartum period. The puerperium can last for up to 6 weeks. If in the third week the bleeding has stopped then recurrence can be caused by several causes including:

Mesntruation occurred
Implantation bleeding
An infection
Remaining pregnancy tissue that still exists
There is a tear in the birth canal
Blood clotting disorders
Signs of ferocity, and so on

It is said to be normal or not depends on the underlying cause. Therefore you need to do a direct examination to your obstetrician to find out the exact cause. The doctor will do a physical examination and additional checks are needed such as blood tests or ultrasound.

For now, all you can do is:

Consumption of seshat and nutritious foods
Drink enough and rest
Keep your personal organs clean
Avoid overactivity

So, hopefully useful.

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