Blind Man’s Problem?

Illustration of Blind Man’s Problem?
Illustration: Blind Man’s Problem?

, why are there normal parents but their children are all blind. The first child is a girl, a second child is a boy and the third son is completely blind. Why is that? Does it have something to do with genetics? Or is there another factor that causes all children to go blind?

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Is the blindness congenital (congenital negligence) or acquired as an adult?

Blindness experienced by children from birth (congenital) is mostly a genetic or hereditary disorder or inherited from both parents. Examples of congenital eye disorders include congenital cataracts, congenital glaucoma, retinal degeneration (the nerve layer behind the eyeball that functions to provide signals from what is seen and sent to the brain), and disorders of the development of the eye nerves (optic atrophy). In adults, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration are the two main causes of blindness that can be inherited (hereditary).

Even though both parents are normal, it could be that one or both parents carry the abnormal gene (but don't show symptoms), and when they get married and have children, they pass on the abnormal gene (if the abnormal gene comes from one parent it is called a disorder. in the autosomal dominant gene, and if it comes from both parents, it is called an abnormality in the autosomal recessive gene).

However, there are other factors that also contribute to blindness in children, including:

infection during pregnancy, namely infection with toxoplasma, rubella, citomegalovirus, syphilis, gonorrhea and other environmental factors, such as exposure to chemicals during pregnancy. Such as pesticides, alcohol, tobacco, radiation, and certain drugs lack of nutrients during pregnancy, for example, folic acid deficiency, vitamin A deficiency, etc. Age. Pregnancy at an advanced age can increase the occurrence of chromosome errors in the fetus

Therefore screening before and during pregnancy is recommended, especially if there is a family history of hereditary disorders. In addition, neonatal screening (postnatal) is also needed to check for congenital abnormalities (congenital) so that immediate medical attention can be done if necessary.

I hope this helps.

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