Blindness Due To Glaucoma.?

Hello, my name is Slamet, I want to ask … my parents have been blind for almost 5 years due to suffering from gloukoma … Initially my parents were examined at the eye hospital at AINI Hospital …. and had surgery at this hospital … during treatment at aini hospital the parents were given drops of medication for vision control which was still there at that time around 70-60 percent …. over time and because it was hampered by the cost of alternating eye control … . Finally, parents buy the drops at the pharmacy according to the prescription or examples of the drops. Over time, my parents’ eyesight has decreased to blindness until now, … what I want to ask is whether the two can my parents see their eyes again? And in what way? Do you have to operate again? … please help with the information … thank you

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Glaucoma is a condition where damage to the nerve of the eye is most often caused by increased pressure in the eyeball. Basically nerve cells (including eye nerves) are cells that cannot repair themselves when damage occurs, so that if there is damage to the eye nerves to blindness due to glaucoma, the condition cannot be repaired anymore. Therapy given to people with glaucoma is intended to slow the progression of the disease and prevent blindness. When blindness has occurred, then nothing else can be done.

You should take your parents for a check-up with the eye doctor. The eye doctor will further evaluate whether there are still remnants of vision in your parents' eyes. If there is still residual vision or conditions that can be corrected (for example your parents have cataracts or refractive problems other than glaucoma), the doctor will try to improve these conditions. If indeed there are remnants of vision, the doctor will also continue to provide treatment to control glaucoma. You and your siblings should also have regular eye examinations because some types of glaucoma can be passed on to their offspring (meaning you and other parents' children can also suffer from glaucoma).

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