Blistered Skin, Itching Accompanied By Pain?

, it’s been a month my fingers itched badly. Blisters deep and very painful. I have avoided animal protein. No washing clothes. In the past, not like this. But the last two years the doctor diagnosed my skin to be very sensitive because of the detergent. Other slow jd can not stand the sea fish. Now, it becomes easy to itch, deep blisters, sore and does not heal for a long time despite being treated. Lastly, I gave hydrocortisone, but it’s been a month since it hasn’t improved. How can my hands heal?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

There are a number of possibilities that can cause symptoms of skin blisters of the fingers accompanied by itching and burning, which are often include:

Tinea manum, the layman's term is water lice, is a skin disease caused by a dermatophyte fungal infection, concerning the skin between the fingers, hand complaints of the skin on the sidelines of the fingers peeling, scaling, and blisters, accompanied by itching / sore
Irritant contact dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin due to skin contact with irritative substances (eg detergents, soap, chemicals, etc.), not related to the process of immune formation, complaints can immediately appear at the first exposure to irritative ingredients
Allergic contact dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin due to skin contact with allergenic substances (eg rubber, metals, plant pollen), associated with the process of immune formation, usually complaints arise after repeated exposure to allergenic ingredients
Atopic dermatitis, a chronic / recurrent and chronic skin inflammation, is associated with a history of atopy (eg asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis] in patients / families
Scabies, a skin disease caused by a parasitic infection Sarcoptes scabiei, symptoms: the most common skin rash is located in the area between the fingers, buttocks, around the genitals, folding the armpits, accompanied by complaints of itching, especially at night, occurs in a group of people who live together, like a hostel or a family

To identify the cause and treatment of skin rash problems appropriately, it is always needed a direct examination by a doctor. Therefore, we advise you to see yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in skin and genitals. The doctor will do a systematic history about the history of the disease, physical examination, and possibly a supporting examination if found indications, for example: skin scrapings for examination with a microscope. Later your doctor may prescribe you a cream / ointment to be applied to the skin that has symptoms, as well as oral medication to help reduce complaints of itching.

Is hydrocortisone used is based on a doctor's prescription? It is not recommended to use hydrocortisone cream arbitrarily without a doctor's prescription because of the risk of causing side effects, especially if used repeatedly in the long term, such as dilation of blood vessels that are evident on the skin, changes in pigmentation / skin coloring, and even systemic side effects in the form of regulatory system disorders body's hormones.

To help cure and prevent the recurrence of rash symptoms on the skin of your fingers, it is recommended that you take the following steps:

Avoid exposure / contact with substances that are suspected of causing symptoms
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water after coming into contact with chemicals, detergents, or certain other irritative / allergenic ingredients that you may find difficult to avoid in your daily activities.
Make sure that the fingers are always dry and not damp
Don't use clothes / towels together with other people
Avoid repeated use of gloves without washing them first

To enrich insight, you can read articles about tinea manum. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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