Bloated Stomach, Black Liquid Defecation And Low Blood Pressure?

Illustration of Bloated Stomach, Black Liquid Defecation And Low Blood Pressure?
Illustration: Bloated Stomach, Black Liquid Defecation And Low Blood Pressure? Bing

Evening,rnrnI have flatulence, the chapters continue and the diarrhea is black, low blood pressure 90/60, sometimes the fever has been checked by the doctor, there is no improvement in recoveryrnHow to get well soon and what to do

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Hi Marlan

Medicines take time to help reduce the symptoms of the disease that are felt, especially if the drug is a drug that is swallowed, so it needs to go through the digestive process first until the drug finally reaches the bloodstream and gives the expected effect. As long as the complaints don't get worse, you can continue treatment for up to 2-3 days since the last visit to the doctor, but if the complaints get worse then there's nothing wrong with Marlan going back to the doctor for a further health assessment.

Some diseases have symptoms that are not specific enough, even if they are examined by the lab, there may not be any abnormalities in the lab results, so it looks like other diseases, so it is necessary to return to the doctor for control to monitor the development of any symptoms that have been experienced.

The complaints of flatulence, black diarrhea, fever, and low blood pressure can be influenced by various conditions. For example, you are having a stomach ulcer where bleeding in your stomach will cause you to feel bloated and your bowel movements will turn black, and sometimes you end up with diarrhea because your stomach acid levels are too high. In addition to gastric problems, an infection in the digestive tract and intestinal inflammation can also cause diarrhea and changes in stool color and even fever. While the problem of low blood pressure must be studied continuously, has Marlan ever had blood pressure measured before? because it could be that low blood pressure was experienced before you were sick at this time, low blood pressure is often not accompanied by symptoms so that the person often does not know that he has low blood pressure. On the other hand, gastrointestinal bleeding, for example, can cause a lot of blood loss so that eventually blood pressure becomes low. In addition, low blood pressure can also be caused by dehydration, infection, severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), hormonal balance disorders, and neurological diseases.

Given that there are quite a lot of possible conditions experienced by Marlan, it is necessary to carry out a medical assessment again to find out what condition Marlan actually experienced, several examinations such as stool examinations, blood tests, to abdominal ultrasound may be needed to assist doctors in determining the exact cause for the complaints experienced by Marlan.

Some of the following tips Marlan can try to do to help reduce his complaints

During diarrhea, it is expected to reduce the intake of high-fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit. Consume soft and easily crushed foods. Drink plenty of water, packaged beverage products (syrup, soda, coffee, etc.) should be avoided. Eat little but often, so you don't vomit because of the taste. bloating and stomach is also expected not to be empty because it is often refilled with a little food
Hope it is useful

dr. Arnold

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