Illustration of Bloated
Illustration: Bloated

excuse me, doc, doc, what is the impact of drinking warm water continuously? is there really a negative impact dock? I drink warm water to soothe my throat, but instead my stomach feels bad. it feels like I’m talking, doc.

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Drinking warm water is a good habit that is not difficult to do. Here are some of the benefits of consuming warm water, namely:
1. Relieve colds and sore throat. Steam from warm water can reduce swelling / inflammation and thin the airway mucus so that it becomes more easily removed.
2. Smoothing BAB. This is because warm water and steam can trigger gastrointestinal contractility.
3. Relieves pain. This is because warm steam can launch blood circulation, causing the body to relax.
4. Clean the oral cavity if mixed with salt and used as a mouth rinse.
5. And others, you can read more here.
However, there are several things that need attention, namely:
1. Warm water, may not be hot, where temperatures range between 40 degrees Celsius. If it is too hot, it can burn the throat and tongue.
2. Consumed three sips then stopped, then can be repeated again. Do not consume water by directly drinking a glass of water without interruption. This causes sudden pressure on the stomach, causing heartburn.
3. On an empty stomach (not eating), consuming water should not be excessive, just enough. Because one third of the stomach is filled with liquid, another third is filled with food and the last third is filled with air. If you consume excessive water on an empty stomach can cause bloating.
So it's not the warm water that causes bloating, but the way you consume it is wrong. To make it healthier, you can add ginger, lemon, squeezed orange or honey to it.
Thus hopefully useful.

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