Bloating, Belching And Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Bloating, Belching And Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: Bloating, Belching And Abdominal Pain?

Hello good evening, lately I feel my burp like the smell of eggs and my stomach is always bloated and painful. Is that dangerous for me?

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Need to be studied bloating conditions and stomach pain that you experience. Keep in mind information about abdominal pain that you experience, since when the complaint was felt, the location of abdominal pain experienced, the characteristics of abdominal pain that you experience (such as pricking, stinging, or there is spread to the lumbar region, the heat radiates to the chest and esophagus ), other symptoms experienced (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, urination disorders), history of previous illnesses, history of allergies, history of treatment that has been done related to your condition and response to the treatment.

Bloating, belching and pain in the stomach can indicate interference with the digestive tract. These symptoms include abdominal pain can be caused by disorders of the digestive tract such as acid reflux, dyspepsia, appendicitis, inflammation or infection of the digestive organs, cardiovascular disorders such as heart attacks, disorders of the respiratory organs and lower ribs , injuries to related areas due to collisions, disorders of the urinary tract such as infections or stones in the kidney and other urinary tracts, disorders of the reproductive organs (in women), malignancy in the digestive tract.

It is recommended to consult a doctor regarding further examination and management. It is necessary to do a physical examination related to your condition, so that medical conditions that can cause these symptoms can be determined. It is also necessary to do a supporting examination such as blood tests, endoscopy, or imaging such as x-rays if these indications are found. Can also be considered a referral to a specialist.

Avoid taking medication alone without doctor's instructions, it is recommended to maintain a regular diet and eat in moderation, avoid consuming alcohol, smoking, drinking soft drinks, ensuring you get adequate rest.

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