Blocked Ears Due To Allergic Rhinitis?

Illustration of Blocked Ears Due To Allergic Rhinitis?
Illustration: Blocked Ears Due To Allergic Rhinitis?

The question is, what’s the way to treat a blocked ear due to allergic rhinitis, which has been this week, right now, nothing has changed, thanks, thanks.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Allergic rhinitis is a condition that affects the nasal passages as an allergic reaction. Among the disorders in question are a runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, watery eyes, itchy nose, and coughing. While it appears as an allergic reaction it means that there are certain allergens or triggers, which can be dust, pollen, animal dander, and mites.

As for the symptoms of ear congestion, they actually represent other conditions apart from allergic rhinitis. Some conditions that can cause symptoms in the form of clogged ears are:

The presence of foreign objects in the ear canal, such as insects, cotton bud tips and other small objects The buildup of earwax is common, especially if you have the habit of cleaning your ears with cotton buds, which actually collect and push earwax towards the ear drum which is clogged

So our advice, if you haven't previously checked with an ENT specialist, have your condition checked by an ENT doctor to be sure whether it is true that the condition only occurs due to allergic rhinitis or is there something else such as blockage of earwax. If indeed you have previously visited an ENT doctor and he said it was due to allergic rhinitis, then the treatment of allergic rhinitis will revolve around taking drugs, cleaning the nose and avoiding allergens or triggers. So it is important for you to know the allergen or under what conditions you feel your symptoms recur. Is it when close to pets, whether when they are in a crowded area or near development, or when they are in the garden, and so on.

Meanwhile, what you can do is increase the consumption of water, maintain endurance by eating nutritious foods, regular exercise, avoiding cigarette smoke and pollution, and getting adequate rest as well as control to the doctor if your symptoms do not improve. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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