Blocked Ears In The Middle When Lying Down Or Want To Sleep

Illustration of Blocked Ears In The Middle When Lying Down Or Want To Sleep
Illustration: Blocked Ears In The Middle When Lying Down Or Want To Sleep

Left ear blocked. If pushed from the outside of the auricle, the inside feels there is a sticky, if you stand and activity as usual, the ear is not blocked, if lying down or want to sleep, the ear is blocked again. And if I hold the speaker towards my left ear, the sound is definitely not as clear as the right ear. I want to check tht. But the covid-19 virus is rife. What to do?

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Blocked ears can occur to anyone and is one of the symptoms of ear disorders. Disorders of the ear can cause pain in the ears, blocked ears, feeling buzzing, or even discharge from the ear. This condition if left unchecked can interfere with your hearing and activities. there are a number of possible reasons for your blocked ear between:

Earwax: The condition of earwax that has accumulated or is rarely cleaned can make the ears feel blocked so often it feels like hearing loss, pain and itching.
air pressure: Usually this happens when we board a plane. Changes in air pressure can cause ear pain and sometimes difficult to hear. In severe cases, it can cause the eardrum to burst.
water: Water that enters the ear when you swim or shower can cause ear infections and it will hurt the ears
there is a foreign object that enters the ear
Certain medical conditions: Toothache, sore throat, flu, allergies, tumors can cause ear disorders.

to ascertain the cause of the matter must be carried out direct examination by a doctor, but your actions are right because it is delayed to go to the doctor because of the epidemic of this corona virus. There are several things you can do at home for a while:

You can compress the ear with warm water covered with cloth
if it is caused by hardened earwax, you can just drop it, like glycerin which can be a choice. Drop it 2-3 times, until the ear wax softens, and is easy to clean.
use chewing gum or slitting spit
breathe warm steam
You can take paracetamol to treat pain

if you have done the above but there is no improvement, moreover it is getting worse go to the doctor. Maybe your doctor will recommend you to an ENT specialist (ear, nose, throat) if your condition is serious enough. Your doctor will provide appropriate treatment and treatment according to the disorder you are experiencing.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

keep doing social distancing

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