Blocked Nose?

Illustration of Blocked Nose?
Illustration: Blocked Nose?

Hello .. This is my 5th age … My nose is clogged … But it doesn’t cough … Corona season too, so I don’t know what the symptoms are? Thank you

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Hello Bundane,

Thank you for the question.

In children, nasal congestion alone is not a typical symptom of COVID-19 (a disease due to a new Corona virus infection). More likely, nasal congestion in children indicates he is allergic, irritated, exposed to dry air, as well as other viral or bacterial infections (in addition to the Corona virus that causes COVID-19). Other factors, such as entry of foreign objects into the nasal cavity, impaired immunity, even benign or malignant tumors around the nose can also make a child's nose blocked.

If you are disciplined in following the government's recommendations, which is not to bring your child out of the house unless urgent, it seems that your child's potential for contracting COVID-19 can be minimized. Conversely, if you do not heed this appeal, we cannot confirm that the complaint is currently not at all related to COVID-19.

It's best not to panic. In the meantime, your child's condition can be relieved first by:

Let the child rest, do not let him leave the house again when there is no emergency
Make sure the child's body is always clean, remind him to shower diligently and wash hands frequently, urging him not to randomly hold public facilities or exchange personal belongings with others
Don't give children food and cold drinks, don't bathe them with cold water, and don't use excessive air conditioning and fans
Use a humidifier when possible
Keep children from smoke (including cigarette smoke), dust, pollution, dry air, and other things that can aggravate the complaint
Nasal irrigation, namely by spraying NaCl liquid using a syringe (injection) which has been removed by the needle into each nasal cavity alternately
Give your child lots of fruits that are rich in vitamin C

During high fever does not appear more than 3 days, severe shortness of breath, or other complaints that are more serious, you should postpone checking your child to the doctor, so that the risk of exposure to the virus can be reduced. Conversely, if the complaint actually worsens, or other danger signs appear as we alluded to above, try to check it directly to the doctor, ENT doctor, or pediatrician to be treated further yes ..

I hope this helps.

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