Blocked Throat For 7 Days.

Illustration of Blocked Throat For 7 Days.
Illustration: Blocked Throat For 7 Days.

night doc, I have been feeling bad in my throat since a week ago, but the peak was when I consumed pineapple and tamarind, because I was a little anticipated if I was exposed to covid 19. But I didn’t have a fever, my body temperature was always normal every day. there is no shortness of breath doc, unless I think about covid symptoms that are shortness of breath, then I can also shortness of breath too. my throat felt as if it was suffocating, I coughed a little. and I have always been at home since that condition, and tried to quarantine myself. and before it felt like it had subsided when I didn’t think too much about my throat, but now I’m only at home and quarantine independently in my room, my throat hurts to become a dock, I’m tired, and I’m not in the mood, because I’m so bored all day in the room. and according to the doctor whether the level of stress can cause my esophagus more pain and coughing? thank you dock before, please help so much

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Hello Veeyee, Thank you for the question.

It is natural that you are worried about corona virus infection now that this virus is epidemic everywhere. Corona virus can cause the appearance of symptoms that are like common cold symptoms, namely cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, headache, dizziness, joint and muscle pain, weakness, decreased appetite. However, usually the common symptoms experienced by sufferers are coughing, high fever, and shortness of breath. You may be suspected of having a corona virus infection if you experience symptoms and have a risk of transmission such as living in an area that has a corona virus infection case, a history of traveling to another country that has a corona virus case or a history of contact with another person who is suspected or has been confirmed to have a corona virus infection in the past 14 days. If you do not have the risks mentioned above, then the possibility of contracting the corona virus may still be relatively low. However, it is recommended that you continue to monitor your symptoms.

The symptoms that you experience can be caused by:

stomach acid disease
sore throat

High stress or excessive anxiety can cause symptoms of shortness of breath. In addition, this excessive stress and anxiety can trigger stomach acid disorders so that triggers acid reflux disease (symptoms of shortness of breath are also one of the symptoms of acid reflux disease). Some of the treatments that you can do are:

increase the consumption of water
consumption of lozenges, gargling with warm salt water, or consuming honey water to help relieve sore throats
avoid consuming large portions of food at once
avoid consuming spicy, sour, oily foods
avoid consuming caffeinated and fizzy drinks
avoid lying down after eating
manage stress well

If the symptoms are still mild, you can do the above independent handling for up to 1 week in the future. If symptoms do not improve for the next 1 week or you experience symptoms of high fever (38 C or more) for 3 consecutive days, it is recommended that you consult with your nearest GP so that your doctor can examine you before giving appropriate treatment. However, if there are symptoms of shortness of breath that weighs up to make it difficult to move, please immediately visit the emergency room of the nearest hospital because the condition needs to be treated immediately.

In addition, prevention that you can do now is:

continue to carry out isolation independently until the next 1 week, limit interaction with others
don't leave the house unless it's urgent, for example, you have to buy food
always use a mask when leaving the house, keep a distance from others, stay away from the crowd when leaving the house
always maintain hand hygiene by washing hands regularly with soap and clean water or with a sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol content
avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes if you have not washed your hands
always keep your area clean
Hopefully this information helps you.

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