Blocking Neck, Dizzy Head And Flatulence

Illustration of Blocking Neck, Dizzy Head And Flatulence
Illustration: Blocking Neck, Dizzy Head And Flatulence

Hello doctor. Sorry, I want to ask. By 3 days I had a lump in my neck, dizzy head and flatulence. Initially a lump in the upper neck. After I always drink warm water, it has already come down but it’s still a bit of a block. The story goes like this, in the morning of Wednesday morning I sprayed disinfectant outside the house. nausea. Throw up Not long ago my head was dizzy, my stomach was a bit bloated u0026amp; chest like a little press. Normal breathing is not stuffy. What are the symptoms of covid19? What should I do? Thanks for the answer and explanation?

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Hello Heru, thank you for asking at

Before I have to confirm whether the neck feels lumpy you mean the throat feels lumpy? If this is true, then a lump in the throat can be caused by inflammation of the throat due to a variety of infections such as respiratory tract viruses. One of the viral infections in the respiratory tract that is currently spreading is COVID-19. COVID-19 has the main symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms can occur such as colds, nasal congestion, itchy throat, lumps, or pain, headaches, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and some of them. However, these symptoms are not typical for COVID-19 because respiratory infections due to viruses have very similar symptoms. The existence of some history can be considered kenarah COVID-19 namely:

 History of travel to infected areas / countries History of contact with confirmed patients Living and staying in the local transmission area However, to enforce it can not be done haphazardly, a complete examination must be carried out starting from physical examination and additional examinations such as throat swabs, blood tests, chest X-rays, etc. It is also at the same time to distinguish with other possible causes.

Some other causes of inflammation of the throat are bacterial infections, malignancies, allergies, or irritation for example due to cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke, inhalation of certain chemicals or due to acid reflux / stomach which usually can be accompanied by symptoms of chest feeling hot and nauseous and bloating in the stomach . For this, several things can be done now including:

 Maintain your diet, avoid high-fat foods, too acidic, and too spicy. Do not delay eating Avoid soft drinks and alcohol and caffeinated. Drink enough warm water Regular exercise and enough rest Avoid lying down immediately after eating Eat a little but often preferably from large amounts of food at one time Avoid everything that triggers the symptoms If the complaint persists immediately consult a doctor. However, if the symptoms can be treated at home to the maximum you can delay seeing a doctor so you can avoid traveling outside the home. If you have to go outside the house to see a doctor stay alert, wear a mask if you have respiratory symptoms, and avoid using public transportation. Keep your distance from other people more than 1m and routinely wash your hands.

That's all, hope it helps.

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