Blood And Urine Test Results?

Illustration of Blood And Urine Test Results?
Illustration: Blood And Urine Test Results?

I have received blood and urine test results but have not yet resumed the examination. Approx. Of r n1. Hematology r nHemoglobin L 9.9 g / dl r nHematocrit 32% r nErthrocytes 4.1 million / ųL r nLeucocytes 6.50 10 ^ 3 / ųL r nTrombocytes 296 thousand / ųL r n r n2 . Calculate type r nBasophyll 0% r nEosinophils 1% r nNeutrophil Trunk L 0% r nNeotrophil Segment 61% r nLimfosit 27% r nMonocyte H11% r n r n3. Urinalysis r nMachroscopic: r nBlue Color r nClearness is slightly cloudy r nChemical Urine: r nWeight type H1.031 r npH 6.5 r nGlucative Glucose mg / dL r nBlue Fluorine Negative mg / dL r n Negative Concrete mg / dL r nD blood / Negative Hb / ųL r nProtein (1+) Positive 1 r nInogenous robots (1+) Positive 1 r nNegative Negative r nLeucocyte Esterase (1+) Positive 1 r nSediments. R n r nFlowcytometry r nLeukocytes H8 / ųL r nEritrocytes 6 / ųL r nSylinder H0.5 / ųL r nCrystals 0 / ųL r r nEpitel 10 / ųL r nBacteria H 200 / ųL r n r nWell, I wonder why. Then I also often get dizzy, hard to see the lesson on the board, if forced to be in great pain. The bottom of my stomach hurts too.

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Good evening Dian, thanks for the question on

Based on the results of blood and urine tests that you do, can be interpreted in general as follows:

1. Blood results:

Your hemoglobin is 9.9 g / dL and your hematocrit is 32% which means your hemoglobin and hematocrit is lacking, or commonly called anemia. Erythorsite, leukocytes, platelets, and count your type within normal limits 2. Urine results:

The color of your urine is slightly cloudy, possibly causing a disorder such as a urinary tract infection, ureteral stones, or kidney disorders. Specific gravity, pH, glucose, bilirubin, ketones, blood, and nitrites in normal urine Protein +1 means there is a protein content in your urine, generally the normal value is negative, there are several possibilities that cause this such as urinary tract infections, kidney disorders ( new / old), inflammation of the blood vessels of the kidneys and others. But this value needs further observation. Leukocyte esterase +1 means there is a substance that comes out due to the presence of white blood cells in the urine that ruptures, usually is one of the markers specific enough to indicate an infection in the urinary tract. Erythrocytes, leukocytes and epithelium in the urine slightly increased in number, this could have caused the existence of a urinary tract infection, a little blood that is not visible in the urine, or it could be normal in certain circumstances. Bacteria in your urine is quite a lot that indicates the possibility of infection in your urinary tract. It should also be remembered that the reading of the results of laboratory tests is influenced by several factors, such as the standard normal values ​​used in each lab which may be different, the normal values ​​of each sex and several different age limits, the normal values ​​that are used as a reference for every doctor may different too.

Therefore, the above interpretation is only an outline interpretation on the basis of normal values ​​that are generally used, but to ensure these results you are strongly advised to check yourself and show the results to the doctor to match your situation when examined by a doctor, whether supporting a certain diagnosis.

I hope this helps.

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