Blood Clots Come Out After Giving Birth Normally?

Illustration of Blood Clots Come Out After Giving Birth Normally?
Illustration: Blood Clots Come Out After Giving Birth Normally?, I am 39 years old, in the 3rd day after normal birth I see the blood in my pads like big lumps. is this normal? I’m afraid there is serious bleeding. thank you

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Blood loss from the birth canal after childbirth is a condition that is commonly found, can be called a discharge of puerperal blood or lochia. The discharge of blood in the form of lumps / fluid is a way of the uterus to remove the lining of the walls and the remaining blood in the uterus after giving birth.

Please note this is a normal thing to happen. The delivery of puerperal blood / locia can last up to 2-6 weeks after delivery, with the intensity of the blood color and the amount that decreases every week. To overcome this condition, you can use pads like when you are menstruating and replace pads regularly to keep your genitals clean and not moisturized.

However, if there are symptoms below, you can immediately visit the nearest obstetrician or emergency department, including:

Puerperal blood smells unpleasant. Have an increase in body temperature (fever), chills, or cold. The blood that comes out of the vagina remains large and bright red after a week of childbirth, or for four days after giving birth even though there is plenty of rest. The bottom of one or both sides of the abdomen feels pain when pressed. Puerperal blood that comes out suddenly becomes so large that you have to replace more than one bandage in one hour. The number of blood clots is very large and does not change less and less from day to day Continue to experience dizziness, weakness, until fainting. The heartbeat feels fast and irregular. For more information about puerperal blood, you can access information at this link.

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