Blood Clots In The Vagina Accompanied By An Uneven Surface Of The Skin In The Vagina?

Illustration of Blood Clots In The Vagina Accompanied By An Uneven Surface Of The Skin In The Vagina?
Illustration: Blood Clots In The Vagina Accompanied By An Uneven Surface Of The Skin In The Vagina?

Good night dokDok I want to ask, I do not menstruate regularly huh? Well after I had sex it was dirty blood as it came out but only when I had intercourse after that menstruation did not come out anymore, I was curious so I put my finger in the vagina turned out to be in many dirty blood that can not come out is stuck in my vagina, is it “dangerous or not, so I’m thinking? And another normal and healthy form of the vagina is like huh? Because the shape of mine is not smooth inside but like rich in pores “and rough skin, so a lot of dirty blood clings. Thank you very much

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Hello Siska

First, it must be distinguished between the vagina and labia, so as not to get confused. The vagina is the part that connects the uterus and the external genitals. Normal vagina does have a prominent striped surface called a rugae. There is no normal vaginal smooth and smooth. Labia are the lips of the vagina located on the outside. Labia consists of mayor and minora (two layers).

In addition, in the medical world do not know the term dirty blood. The blood that comes out during menstruation is actually a mixture of blood from blood vessels in the uterine wall and uterine lining which decays. No blood is dirty. If blood spots only occur after you have sex, then there is a possibility of infection or inflammation in the vagina. Infection and inflammation can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. Symptoms may include blood spots and pain during or after sex.

You should check with your obstetrician. Doctors need to assess directly to see whether there is infection or other causes. In the meantime, do sexual intercourse sufficiently, preceded with adequate foreplay, and clean the genitals after completion. Make sure when you leave the house and visit a doctor, you still do social distancing (limiting contact) with people around, wash your hands with soap as often as possible, and do not touch the face with hands that have not been washed.

Hopefully this answer can help. Regards.

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