Blood Clots?

Illustration of Blood Clots?
Illustration: Blood Clots?

I was pregnant for about 2 months last night. I felt a very painful stomach ache like a menstrual person, and there was blood coming out like menstrual blood accompanied by clots up to 3 times that clot came out did I say miscarriage? I was pregnant with myoma

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Blood clots from the birth canal accompanied by severe abdominal pain can indeed indicate a miscarriage. This miscarriage can occur in pregnancies less than 20 weeks old, when the fetus has not been able to survive independently outside the mother's womb. Pregnant women with myoma are far more at risk of miscarriage, it could be due to the detachment of the placenta from its attachment (abruptio placenta), fetal development constraints in the womb, or uterine contractions that are too severe. This risk is greatest if the myoma that you experience is a type of submucous myoma.

However, not only a miscarriage, it could be, abdominal pain and clotted bleeding that you experience is actually purely caused by the myoma that you experience. In this case, the amount of clotted bleeding that comes out is generally not as much as the result of a miscarriage.

The right step you need to do at this time is, check yourself IMMEDIATELY to an obstetrician. With an ultrasound examination or supplemented with other supporting tests, doctors are generally able to identify any dangerous conditions that might threaten the condition of your fetus in your womb. If there is, then the best treatment will also be given.

For now, do a total rest (bedrest), avoid excessive physical activity so that bleeding can be minimized. In addition, multiply to drink and eat balanced nutritious food. Compress your painful stomach with warm water and wear comfortable clothing (not too tight). Do not forget, do not carelessly take drugs without a doctor's prescription, and avoid excessive sexual intercourse during pregnancy before being declared safe by the doctor.

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