Blood Donation When The Corona Virus Outbreaks

Illustration of Blood Donation When The Corona Virus Outbreaks
Illustration: Blood Donation When The Corona Virus Outbreaks

Doc, are times safe for blood donation now? The problem is that my friend is in need. What is the way to prevent other diseases when you become a donor? Especially now that Covid-19 is spreading everywhere. Scared, later his intention to help others eh even exposed and so suspected carriers of the virus. I’m confused doc.

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Hello lady

Thank you for asking Aldokter

I understand your concern, in fact every blood donor will definitely have conditions that must be done that will be safe for the recipient and the donor, so it is not unreasonable. with the outbreak of this virus, it will probably be checked first so you don't need to worry. You can consult this first when donating at the hospital will be checked by the donor's health first. do not delay or confine yourself to do good that can save someone's life. need to worry but remain cautious.

There are several conditions for blood donation from it:

 Aged 17-65 years old Have a minimum body weight of 45 kg Have a good blood pressure, yaitusistole100-170 mmHg and diastole70-100 mmHg Have a hemoglobin level around 12.5-17 g / dl Body temperature ranges from 36.6 to 37.5 degrees Celsius regular pulse which is about 50-100 times / minute In a year, a maximum of donating blood as much as 5 times, with a distance of 3 months donation of the basic requirements above, you must also be physically fit, because blood will enter a person's body. to become a blood donor, you must be sure to be free of infectious diseases, because they can affect the recipient's health condition. This is based on the provisions of PMI.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

stay at home to break the chain of transmission of corona

thank you

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