Blood Flowing During Bowel Movements, Dangerous Or Not For The Fetus?

I was 11 weeks pregnant, a few days ago I pushed when defecating and came out accompanied by blood flowing. His blood was bright red, but when he finished pooping, the blood did not come out again. Is that dangerous for the fetus or not? And do I need ultrasound to make sure the fetus is still in the stomach?

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Hello Yannisa,

The channel for reproduction / expulsion of the fetus / baby is through the vagina. Normally, the digestive tract to excrete feces is not related to the reproductive tract. If the blood that comes out of the bowel comes from the anus, it is most likely not related to the condition of your fetus.

CHAPTER complaints followed by blood dripping from the anus can be caused by ambeyen / hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are enlargements of blood vessels around the anus. Complaints that arise are lumps that arise / enlarge in the anus when straining, blood drips out when or immediately after bowel movements, itching or pain in the anus. In severe cases when hemorrhoids continue to bleed, anemia can occur (lack of red blood cells). This can only have an impact on pregnancy. Apart from hemorrhoids, dripping blood can also be due to anal fissures (sores on the anal mucosa) which can be caused by hard / large stool. Handling hemorrhoids is usually a modification of a high-fiber diet, drink lots of water, do enough mobility. Handling of drugs is usually given for severe cases or very disturbing activities. Definitive treatment is through surgery.

The bleeding that you are experiencing must be distinguished from the vagina or anus. Bleeding from the vagina in pregnancy related to the condition of the fetus is usually spontaneous. So when you are sleeping, it can still come out and cause stains on your underwear. Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy can also be accompanied by complaints of pain in the lower abdomen. In abortion / miscarriage can be followed by the release of blood clots, followed by removal of the fetus / tissue. If you are not sure, you can go to an obstetrician to evaluate the condition of the fetus. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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