Blood Group?

Illustration of Blood Group?
Illustration: Blood Group?

, if my blood type is B, can I not donate to blood type O?

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Based on the ABO system, blood groups are divided into blood groups A, B, O, and AB. In general, it is currently recommended to donate blood to people who also have the same blood type. However, before donor blood is transfused, a cross match test will still be performed to ensure that the blood is suitable for transfusion to donor recipients and also to be screened to ensure that blood is in good condition and there are no infectious diseases.

In the past, blood type O was called a universal donor because blood O could be donated to all blood groups. But this is no longer the case. O positive blood groups (rhesus +) should only be transfused in emergency situations that threaten the lives of patients and no more suitable blood types are available. Whereas negative O blood tends to be more able to cause serious reactions during transfusions. For this reason, universal donors and universal recipients are no longer in effect today.

As for blood type B from the beginning until now it cannot be donated to blood type O yes. Blood type B can be donated to people with blood type B. For more details, you can discuss again with the doctor on duty when the blood donor takes place.

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