Blood Loss During Urination In Infants Aged 4 Days.?

Assalam … my daughter is just born 4 days old, when urinating blood, is it dangerous?

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In some cases, orange or pink crystal patches on a baby's diaper are not dangerous, and do tend to appear a few days after the baby is born. These crystals are salt contained in urine, especially if your child consumes breast milk and the milk supply is inadequate.

Some baby girls can bleed from the vagina in the first few days after birth. The cause is the mother's hormone carried into the baby's body, but normally this complaint will soon stop on its own. But besides that, the red color in urine can also be caused by urinary tract infections (UTI), or diaper rash.

If this red urine lasts a long time, and there are signs of dehydration such as a baby looking lethargic, her lips are dry, not urinating for six hours, less saliva, and the crown looks sunken, I suggest you immediately bring your child to consult directly to the pediatrician, so that a thorough examination can be carried out, such as question and answer, physical examination of the abdomen, genital devices, and supporting examinations if necessary such as routine urine and ultrasound examination, so that treatment can be given according to your diagnosis.

As for the things you can do right now:

Wake the child during sleep to suckle and improve breastfeeding techniques to be more effective.
We recommend using thin cloth diapers or underwear, rather than disposable diapers.
Pay attention to the condition and cleanliness of the area around your child's genitals.

Also read the article: mother-attention-color-urine-baby-you-and-know-conditions-that-not-normal

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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