Blood Loss Immunization?

Illustration of Blood Loss Immunization?
Illustration: Blood Loss Immunization?

Good afternoon, I want to ask. What if the pentabooster immunization vaccine gets into the blood vessels? What are the side effects? Thank you

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Immunization using these vaccines contains diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, and Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccines. These vaccines should be given intramuscularly or into muscle tissue, not into a vein. Blood loss when given an intramuscular injection, especially if the amount is small, can occur due to damage to the small blood vessels around the puncture site. The blood vessels that are affected are not large vessels and should not be dangerous.

Vaccines contain weakened parts of the bacteria or virus or their toxins. In the body, the vaccine will stimulate the body's defense cells to recognize and attack the vaccine. Some of these defense cells will store memories about the part of the bacteria or virus, so that when the child is infected with the same bacteria or virus, the body's defense cells can cope with the infection. The way the vaccine is administered varies, depending on the type. The vaccine you mention should be given through a muscle, not a vein. Giving the vaccine to the muscles can provide better protection. If given intravenously, the vaccine can be less effective because it can be eliminated directly by the body before sufficient protection is formed. In addition, there are ingredients in vaccines that can be dangerous if they get into blood vessels.

Consult the doctor who gives the vaccine to your child. Did something go wrong during immunization? Consult the nearest pediatrician if there is such an error. Also pay attention to the side effects of immunization in children. If there are serious side effects, take the child to the doctor immediately. Keep giving your child immunizations on schedule so that the child is always healthy.

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