Blood Or Spots During Early Pregnancy?

Hello I want to ask if every woman if she is pregnant is usually bleeding / spots, or only part of it?

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Normal spots during young pregnancy can occur due to the implantation process. Implantation itself is a process of implanting the results of fertilization into the uterine wall. In the process, bleeding can occur with very little volume (1-2 drops) and very short duration (1-2 days) due to minimal tearing of blood vessels in the uterus. This condition is definitely not experienced by all women who are pregnant. In fact, most women who are pregnant normally will not experience any spots at all during their pregnancy.

In addition to the implantation spots, spots during young pregnancy can also be caused by other factors, such as abortion imminent (threat of miscarriage), ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb), pregnancy with wine, and so on.

Spotting during young pregnancy is not always a dangerous condition. Conversely, no spots at all during a young pregnancy does not necessarily indicate an abnormality. The danger or not this condition should be checked directly to a doctor or obstetrician, so that appropriate treatment can be given.

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