Blood Pressure Fluctuates In Heart Ring Patients?

Illustration of Blood Pressure Fluctuates In Heart Ring Patients?
Illustration: Blood Pressure Fluctuates In Heart Ring Patients?

Ass. I want to ask r ndad I have heart disease and already wear 3 rings. well, usually my father’s blood pressure is high / normal. If you experience fatigue, the blood becomes high. but this few weeks his father’s blood fluctuates. and today the blood is below normal. the cause and how is the treatment? Danger or not having heart disease. but the tension fluctuates? r nThank you

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Hello Latifa, thank you for asking

Placement of a heart ring in medical language is called a stent in the heart blood vessels, which is a procedure performed to widen the narrowed coronary blood vessels. This narrowing of blood vessels is usually caused by cholesterol plaque or other substances. This condition can be called coronary heart disease or often referred to as a heart attack.

Regarding whether or not heart disease is dangerous, heart attack or coronary heart disease is a dangerous disease and can threaten the safety of a person's life because coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of sudden death in the world. One method that is commonly used to reduce the narrowing is by placing a heart stent or ring. The following article is about: Overview of the Heart Ring Procedure.

The target of normal blood pressure in patients after the insertion of a heart ring has no difference with that of patients without a heart ring, that is, at the age above or equal to 60 years, the target normal blood pressure is below 150/90, while for the age under 60, it is under 140/90. And blood pressure can be said to be low if the blood pressure is less than 90/60. Unfortunately you did not put your father's exact blood pressure on, and you can make this value a benchmark for normal blood pressure values.

Fluctuating blood pressure can be caused by a variety of possibilities, the possible causes of rising and falling blood pressure, namely:

Stress factor
Anxiety, fatigue, lack of sleep
Incorrect consumption of anti-hypertensive drugs
Drink alcohol

In general, insertion of a heart ring is not associated with a decrease in blood pressure, and in general, blood pressure below 140/90 for ages 60 and under and below 150/90 for 60 years of age while still within normal limits. Blood pressure 90/60 even if it is not accompanied by symptoms is generally not dangerous. However, if the change in blood pressure is accompanied by symptoms such as:

Bleeding at the place where the ring was inserted and did not stop with pressure.
Severe chest pain or shortness of breath that doesn't go away with rest
Irregular heartbeat, very slow or very fast pounding.
Headache like fainting
Coughing up blood or green mucus
High fever is usually a temperature above 38.3 degrees Celsius
Swelling at the insertion site for the heart ring

If you find these symptoms, immediately see a doctor at the nearest hospital.

There are several things to note that placing a heart ring does not mean that coronary heart disease is cured, but only reduces blockage of blood vessels, therefore your father also needs lifestyle modifications to stay healthy such as: eating healthy nutritious foods, managing stress well, quitting smoking , take medication according to the recommendation of the heart doctor who treated your father. Again, remember not to stop or change drugs or change the dose of drugs without doctor's advice. And be sure to control according to doctor's instructions, so that your father's health can be evaluated.

Skian information from us, hopefully useful.

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