Blood Pressure Is Always High And Excess Anxiety If You Check Into The Hospital And See A Doctor?

Illustration of Blood Pressure Is Always High And Excess Anxiety If You Check Into The Hospital And See A Doctor?
Illustration: Blood Pressure Is Always High And Excess Anxiety If You Check Into The Hospital And See A Doctor?

Good evening Doctor, I’m a 28 year old woman. 2 years ago I gave birth to my first child, before the birth process, my Hb was normal 14 but when I was about to give birth my Hb became 7. The hospital where I controlled with the place I gave birth was different because I gave birth at my hometown so I asked for a referral to another RSIA . Then as the day of my birth progressed, the new obstetrician had not yet checked my complete condition including my hips. When the delivery process was opened 4 I was instructed to have a cesarean delivery, because of the rupture of the old amniotic labor and CPD due to a large baby. I got 2 bags of blood transfusion and then had surgery. After 3 days to take care of the process of going home, suddenly when I will go home my blood pressure is 150/100, because my height is not permitted and directed to a cardiologist and internal medicine. By heart doctor I was prescribed amlodiphin and beta block, and from my internal medicine I was prescribed to drink iron twice a day. After 2 days being detained in the hospital with the consumption of the drug I did not improve and I instead thought uncomfortable and sad could not breastfeed my child. Finally, with the same condition I was allowed to go home, at home I measured blood pressure every morning and evening and within 3 days gradually improved to 110/80 without taking drugs. 3 days after I returned home from the hospital I controlled with my obstetrician at the practice, I told him my situation casually answered I was just stressed at that time. Previously I had never had high blood pressure during blood pressure checks, and since then until now I have often become anxious about my health, I imagine anemia, I often worry about the number of my heartbeat, every time I go to the hospital, my tension goes up when I see a doctor , finally I checked my Hb blood 11.9. I am traumatized by the incident after I gave birth, so I want to ask if my health can return to normal as it was before giving birth? And do I need to consult a psychiatrist because of my anxiety? thanks.

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Hi Juliana,

We understand your condition. Your main complaint right now is being easily restless, anxious, and frightened of your health condition and triggered when you go to the hospital or see a doctor.

Restless, anxious, and afraid are common feelings and can be felt by everyone. However, if this anxiety and fear affects your physical condition such as tension rises, keeps pounding, faints, or starts to feel annoying, then you should look for the cause and treat it.

Anxiety and excessive fear can be related to several conditions, such as generalized anxiety disorder, trauma, depression, psychosomatic disorders, excessive stress, and phobias. This certainly must be confirmed by a psychiatrist / psychiatrist with a thorough examination of the patient.

Associated with the emergence of physical complaints, for example hypertension, hypertension can be influenced by many factors. One of the risk factors and causes of hypertension is psychosomatic disorders, where symptoms will recur or worsen when triggered by psychological problems (in your case when you are anxious at the hospital or see a doctor), but this is the most likely thought after the other possibilities are eliminated .

Your body's health can greatly improve as before. If the current tension is often high, I suggest that you consult with your intern doctor so that further treatment can be given. Regarding your current Hb is still within normal limits so you don't need to worry.

If you feel disturbed by the anxiety and fear that you experience, it would be better if you consult a psychiatrist / psychiatrist so that you can find out the root of the problem and you can be helped to overcome your condition.

Here are some tips you can do:

Always try to think positive Tell your problems and complaints to your husband, siblings, parents, or friends who you trust Ask for support from family and people closest to you. Making peace with the past If you are scared and anxious when visiting a doctor, you can find a doctor who is more likely "fit" with your heart, so does the hospital Confident and believe that you can be as healthy as ever when Doing relaxation and managing stress wisely Take time to exercise regularly, if possible exercise with your friends at once me When there are medical conditions, make sure to consume drugs from the doctor according to the doctor's advice Thank you and hopefully help

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