Blood Pressure Rises And Shivers After Eating?

Illustration of Blood Pressure Rises And Shivers After Eating?
Illustration: Blood Pressure Rises And Shivers After Eating?

hello doctor. I want to ask why every time I take it off (even just plain white rice) … my blood pressure rises and my chills and chest feel are not at ease … I’ve done an examination at the hospital and the doctor said it wasn’t a heart problem (ECG and blood test). . u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003thank you doctor

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Hello Maliq, Thank you for the question.

Blood pressure is expressed in two numbers, the upper number representing systolic pressure (the pressure when the heart contracts to pump blood) and the lower number representing the diastolic pressure (the pressure when the heart is at rest). Normal blood pressure is below or equal to 120/80 mmHg. Blood pressure can be affected by various conditions so that a good blood pressure measurement must be carried out in the right conditions such as at rest, not doing any activities before, not consuming food, caffeinated drinks, and not smoking 30 minutes before measurement, and others. Another thing you need to pay attention to is that even the use of improper equipment can cause blood pressure measurement errors.

If you measure blood pressure after eating, systolic blood pressure can be higher, usually varying between 10-20 mmHg. You are not recommended to measure blood pressure after eating. If you want to take blood pressure measurements better, you are recommended to take blood pressure measurements twice, in the morning and evening, before eating and before taking medication. It is also recommended that you take measurements two to three times to get accurate results. Don't forget to pay attention to the conditions that can affect the blood pressure mentioned above.

Complaints of discomfort in the chest that you feel can be caused by:

stomach acid disease
inflammation of the gall or gallstone

You can try to consult with a specialist in internal medicine regarding the complaint. The doctor will ask again about your complaint and examine you before determining the next treatment.

Please do the following suggestions:

avoid consuming food in large portions. You should consume food in small portions but more often
avoid consuming spicy and oily foods
Avoid consumption of soft drinks, caffeinated, and alcoholic
avoid lying down after eating
lose weight if you have excess weight
avoid smoking
I hope this helps.

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