Blood Spots Come Out After Sex?

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Doctor, I have a question. I’m 22 years old, I just got married a month ago. I’m already menstruating on December 29, yesterday, finished on January 3rd. Then that Friday I met my husband the next day in the underwear there were orange blood spots. Just that one day. Then Thursday the 11th I started to have brown spots until today, at first it was just a spot but starting yesterday there have been quite a lot of discharge. I checked with the doctor on the ultrasound, there were no cysts or myomas, then I was given antibiotics. But it hasn’t stopped either. What do you think, doctor? Solution please. Thank you

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Hello Dewisa, Thank you for your question on

In some conditions, brown spots also occur because your body is in the process of ovulation. This ovulation process causes a light "injury" to the ovaries, causing light bleeding, because the bleeding is not released immediately, so the blood looks not fresh or brownish. The appearance of brown spots as a sign of ovulation can be used for those who are married as a benchmark for the fertile period to have sex. Brown spots can also occur in conditions such as:

1. Hormone imbalance.

Still related to hormonal conditions in a woman's body, several diseases from other organs outside the female reproductive system can cause hormonal imbalances such as thyroid gland disease.

2. Menstruation,

Menstruation is the process of shedding of the uterine wall that comes out into blood. The condition of the appearance of spots before menstruation indicates that you are entering the pre-menstrual period. Sometimes these brown spots are accompanied by mild stomach cramps. Things to consider during menstruation include:

Menstrual Cycle (Menstrual): The distance between the first day of your period and the first day of your next period. (The normal distance is between 21-35 days Menstruation Length: The distance between the first day of menstruation until the bleeding stops completely. (The normal length of menstruation is between 3-7 days) Total blood: The normal amount of blood that comes out during menstruation is <80ml or change sanitary napkins 2-6 x/day Usually accompanied by symptoms of headache, flatulence, sensitive breasts, muscle and joint pain, acne and psychological symptoms such as feeling sad, grumpy, and irritable 3. Female genital disease.

Some diseases of the genital and female reproductive system can also be the cause of brown spots before menstruation. Diseases such as female genital infections and female pelvic wall infections (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) often cause brown spots that come out of a woman's birth canal and even cause bleeding.

4. Serious diseases of the female reproductive system.

The cause of brown spots before menstruation which we will discuss last is cancer, such as cervical cancer (cervical cancer) and also cancer of the uterine wall. This malignancy in the reproductive organs certainly does not only cause spots,

If brown spots are accompanied by bleeding, chest palpitations, sweating profusely and also significant weight loss but for no apparent reason, immediately consult a gynecologist for examinations such as a physical examination, blood tests, vaginal fluids, and an abdominal ultrasound examination.

what you can do is

Maintain your ideal body weight Avoid stress and fatigue Regular exercise, not excessive Get enough rest avoid staying up late Drink plenty of water at least 8 -10 glasses per day Healthy eating pattern Thank you, Hopefully useful. dr. Nurmarwiyah

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