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np before checking blood sugar, do you have to fast first?rnI checked right after eating (rice/heavy) the result is 98rnFasting for 2 hours is 160rnFasting for 12 hours is 89rnrnAre all Is that still normal?rnBecause I’m worried that after eating I’m weak, I’ve also lost 5kg in 2 months even though I’m not on a diet, then today I checked my weight has increased 8 kilos not yet 1 month, it’s very unnaturalrnI checked to the doctor he said it’s okay to check again it’s fine, just stomach acid, he saidrnWhat should I do

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Hi Dian.. Thank you for the questions given.

Blood sugar checks can be one way of checking to diagnose diabetes. Diabetes occurs when the patient's blood sugar is higher than normal which can be caused by a disturbance in the processing of sugar in the body. Especially if the patient has diabetes, it increases the risk of occurrence. There are several tests of blood sugar levels, including:

When blood sugar. This examination can be done at any time and there is no need to fast beforehand. The normal number is <200 mg/dL Fasting blood sugar. Performed with the previous patient fasting 8 hours before. The patient can continue to drink water. Fasting is done in order to get the right results and not confusing. Normal values ​​are: <126 mg/dL. Oral glucose tolerance test. The patient was asked to fast for 8 hours, then the patient was given sugar intake for the next 2 hours and then a blood sample was examined. The normal number is <140 mg/dL and prediabetes if the number is between 140-199 mg/dL From the results of your examination if there are no symptoms such as: frequent urination, frequent thirst, frequent hunger, weight loss of unknown cause, fatigue then can be said to be normal and the possibility of complaints of weight changes caused by other things. However, if accompanied by complaints as mentioned earlier with lab results like yours, it is necessary to repeat the blood sugar check while and fasting blood sugar check.

If your complaints continue, the body often feels weak, tired, then you should go back to the doctor and do a repeat blood test. What you can do: do a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food, eat vegetables and fruit, avoid foods with artificial preservatives/colorants/sweeteners, avoid soft drinks, exercise regularly, avoid activities that just sit or lie down.

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