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at afternoonrnrnBefore I want to say a big thank you to HealthReplies.comrnrnI’m DianrnBb 87rnHeight 170rnrnI want to ask, I just did a glucose check using easy touch GCU at the pharmacy, my fasting glucose result is 2 hours 160, does this include diabetes? Or prediabetes? Then what should I do, what kind of diet? What to avoid? Can my blood sugar be normal. Then what to do before it gets worse. Thank you

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Hi Diane....

Thank you for your question.

As information for you, actually normal blood sugar levels are not based on one standard number. This level can change as before and after you eat or also at bedtime.

The following is the range of normal blood sugar levels in the body, namely: Before eating === 70 - 130 mg/dL, Two hours after eating === less than 180 mg/dL, after not eating or fasting for at least eight hours === less than 100 mg/dL, at bedtime === 100 - 140 mg/dL.

A person is said to be diabetic if the sugar level in the blood has exceeded the limits described above in several examinations of blood sugar levels.

Therefore we recommend keeping your blood sugar levels within normal limits by:

Regular exercise at least 2.5 hours per week. Avoid eating foods that contain lots of it, and pay attention to carbohydrate intake. Eat on time. Manage psychological stress.

Diabetes itself can be prevented by controlling diet or eating healthy and nutritious foods and monitoring blood sugar levels. However, stay alert because this disease will continue to progress and gradually you will need treatment steps if not treated properly.

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Thus the explanation that we can convey, may be useful.


Dr. Teak

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