Blood Transfusion

Illustration of Blood Transfusion
Illustration: Blood Transfusion

Good afternoon Mr / Ms Doctor, I want to ask about the process of blood transfusion from donor to recipient. As we know that blood with blood type O can donate blood to all blood groups. And what I want to ask is whether this applies to all components of the blood Doc? Or only blood in the form of WB can? For example, a patient with blood type AB needs FFP blood, can that be fulfilled by FFP stock from blood type O (* if AB Stock is used up)? Please help Mr / Mrs Doctor 🙏

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Hello Princess, Thank you for the question.

Human blood types are divided into ABO blood types and Rhesus blood groups. Based on ABO blood type, it can be divided into blood types A, B, AB, and O, depending on the antigen / protein marker on the surface of red blood cells. Whereas based on the Rhesus blood group (antigen / protein factor Rh on the surface of red blood cells), blood type can be divided into Rh positive and Rh negative.

For blood transfusions, both all blood cells, red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma (FFP) or other blood components, blood donors must be used with the same blood type (both ABO and Rh). If not, an incompatible reaction can occur where the recipient's immune system gives up blood cells or blood components that are transfused because these blood cells / components are interpreted as foreign bodies by the body. Although blood type O is considered to be a universal donor, the best advice is still given blood from the same blood type donor. However, related to FFP transfusion, donors do not have to be given blood with the same Rh, only ABO blood groups must be the same / compatible.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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