Blood Vessels Rupture And Eyes Always Closed Can Hear The Other Person?, so I have a package that has a history of hypertension, but still consumes coffee and smokes. Then just 2 days ago he experienced a rupture of blood vessels, before he felt dizzy and then took medicine stalls, whether the drug stalls can trigger a rupture of blood vessels? Or because of high blood pressure? The patient’s blood pressure was up to 210, then the patient vomited and could not open his eyes, after the CT scan it turned out that the blood vessels burst rather wide and there was bleeding so that the left side of the body felt stiff, but the neurosurgeon did not operate, then what was the chance for the patient’s recovery? Does the patient become paralyzed? Is it okay if there is no surgery? Thank you

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Hemorrhagic stroke is a condition of rupture of one of the blood vessels that carries oxygen in the brain so that blood flow in some parts of the brain is reduced or interrupted. The supply of oxygen carried by blood cells is stopped so that brain cells can become and be permanently disrupted. Some of the things that trigger this condition are high blood pressure, unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol, excessive coffee consumption, liver disease, malignancy in the brain, or the use of blood-thinning drugs.

Symptoms experienced varied such as decreased consciousness, neck stiffness, headache, blurred vision, weakness on one side of the body, vomiting that spray. Overall these symptoms are sudden.

Treatment is based on the cause, severity and location of the bleeding. To prevent the development of more severe bleeding, the doctor can give medication for blood pressure that aims to keep blood pressure low so that no bleeding occurs again. If the patient has a seizure, the seizure medication can also be given medication to reduce pressure in the brain.

For hemorrhagic stroke cases that have a large area seen from the calculation of blood fluid volume and location, in some conditions surgery is needed to repair blood vessels and stop bleeding, especially if a stroke occurs due to malformations (deformities) of blood vessels. However, this action is necessary carefully calculated because surgery alone can cause further brain damage.

After undergoing treatment, the recovery of the patient depends on the severity of the stroke and damage to the brain tissue that occurs. For hemorrhagic stroke sufferers who have no paralysis can recover within a few weeks. But for stroke patients with tissue damage, additional therapy is needed, such as physical therapy, activities, or speech therapy. These therapies are intended to restore the function of damaged tissue so that it can work optimally.

The most important thing from a stroke is to prevent a stroke by maintaining a good lifestyle.

- Maintain blood pressure
- Avoiding accompanying diseases such as high cholesterol or high blood sugar
- Exercise regularly
- Regular and awake eating patterns

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