Bloody Nose?

Illustration of Bloody Nose?
Illustration: Bloody Nose?

Hello, why have I always been itching 4 days and then sneezing “and a little blood came out and my head went dizzy, why is that?

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question
Acute rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal mucosa that lasts acute (<12 weeks). Acute rhinitis is generally caused by a viral, bacterial, or irritant infection. Inflammation is often found as a symptom of an underlying disease such as common cold, influenza, reddish rash (such as measles, smallpox, etc.), bacterial rhinitis, and local irritation (exposure to dust, smoke, or gas) or trauma.
Complaints include:
1. Runny nose from the nose
2. Nasal congestion
3. Hot or itchy nose
4. Sneezing
5. Can be accompanied by cough
6. Minimal nasal bleeding due to irritation of the nasal mucosa
Some risk factors that increase a person's chance of developing acute rhinitis such as:
1. Decreased endurance
2. Exposure to irritating dust, smoke or gas
3. Exposure to sufferers of respiratory tract infections
Make a diagnosis through the above symptoms and physical examination of the nose and throat. Handling includes adequate rest and maintaining a nutritious and healthy intake. In addition, symptomatic drugs are given to reduce symptoms including analgesics and heat relievers (Paracetamol), decongestants to treat complaints of nasal congestion, anti-histamine to treat complaints of runny nose and itchy nose, as well as antitussives or expectorants to cough. Antibiotics are only checked if there are complications of bacterial infection.
To prevent this condition from recurring, do the following:
1. Maintain endurance
2. Wash your hands more often with soap
3. Minimize contact with people who have been infected
4. Shut your mouth when coughing and sneezing
5. Follow a complete immunization program, such as influenza vaccination or MMR vaccination
6. Avoid allergen exposure if you have a history of previous allergies
Make further consultations with your doctor to get adequate treatment.
That's all, hope it helps.

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