Blue Lips In 3 Weeks Old Baby?

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Hello, good morning Leo.

Blue lips of a baby can occur due to several conditions, including:

when the baby is cold, lack of oxygen due to a lung disease, lack of oxygen when the baby has a seizure, has a congenital heart defect, usually the baby's lips turn blue when the baby cries or when suckling/feeding lacks oxygen due to a narrow space and little oxygen or the baby has difficulty breathing because the swaddle is too strong As for the bluish buttocks, the cause needs to be ascertained. Possible causes include:

bruises due to childbirth, especially if the birth is breech and the delivery process is spontaneous (not via caesarean section) hemangioma birthmarks, namely blood vessel tumors, the appearance of which is a bulge that is usually wide, can be reddish or bluish in color. Hemangiomas can go away on their own with age, although in some conditions surgery for blood clotting disorders is required. It is recommended that you go back to a pediatrician to find out the exact cause of the complaint, because diagnosing for sure without examining it directly is not something that is allowed. The doctor will conduct an excavation of complaints, a careful physical examination, and additional examinations if needed (such as blood laboratory examinations, x-ray examinations, echocardiography / ultrasound of the heart, and so on). For a while, avoid placing the baby in a narrow and oxygen-poor room, don't hold the baby too strongly, adjust the room temperature so it's not too cold. If the baby's lips turn bluish, accompanied by difficulty breathing, seizures, or high fever, immediately take the baby to the nearest emergency department.

That's all, hope it helps. Regards, dr. Denisa

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