Blurred Vision And Difficulty Holding Objects?

Illustration of Blurred Vision And Difficulty Holding Objects?
Illustration: Blurred Vision And Difficulty Holding Objects?

I am 16 years old, and I have had complaints for the past few months. I somehow sometimes have difficulty cutting. My friend says that the way I hold the pencil is wrong3. Sometimes I see white spots that move but quickly disappear4. I have trouble handling something, for example at that time I dropped my cellphone 3 times a day5. When I want to say something with ‘the word’ has occurred in the brain, which comes out of the mouth instead of other words6. My vision may also be a problem, because when I see an object I think ‘oh that’s object A’ but it turns out it is object b. For example yesterday I was wrong to see 20 thousand to 5 thousand

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From the information you submit, the existence of a nervous system disorder is ensured by the results of a clinical examination by a doctor that shows the nervous system and function itself. So as to ensure a nervous system disorder, it cannot be done based on complaints alone without supporting medical evidence,

Regarding your question:

1,2, and 4 having difficulty handling objects, falling, wrong way of cutting, or holding the wrong pencil may be caused by differences in the skills you have and the skills possessed by your friends. If your motor skills are different, it does not mean you have a disorder, but you only need to practice the ability to cut, hold well, and avoid the habit of accidentally dropping objects that you often do

3. and 6. the presence of white spots and errors in seeing objects that you experience may be caused by visual disturbances that you experience, both of which can be caused by disturbances in distant vision, impaired near vision, or interference with silender eyes. So to find out the possibility of vision problems, you should consult directly with the eye doctor so that the doctor can do a sharp examination of vision and examination of other eye functions, as well as eye pressure. The function of the nervous system and blood vessels will also be an evaluation for the ophthalmologist to confirm this complaint.

5. while there are complaints of pronunciation of words that are different from what you think, it might be caused by decreased concentration, both when communicating with others or when you are doing a helper task. Decrease in concentration or focus can be triggered and occurs due to several things, namely due to lack of sleep, experiencing severe problems that are thought of, stress, anxiety, nervousness, or physical fatigue that interfere.

Thus, it is important that you conduct a direct evaluation related to your concentration ability and your focus, and avoid the risks that can cause these complaints to arise. Thus, you can control these complaints well.

However, if all of these complaints still bother you, an optimal examination should be done with a competent doctor, both with a neurologist, ophthalmologist, as well as a mental health expert or psychologist. Thus, the doctor can conduct a good examination to ensure there is no underlying cause of this complaint.

For now, avoid anxiety, avoid sleeping late and usually communicate well, so you form an attitude that is disciplined, organized, and focused.

Thus the info we can convey.

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