Blurred Vision In Diabetics?

Illustration of Blurred Vision In Diabetics?
Illustration: Blurred Vision In Diabetics?

, my mother has diabetes. A few months ago, his eyes on the left blurred, and had already seen a doctor. The doctor said, it was recommended for surgery in Jakarta because the retina had hit. Yesterday, suddenly his left eye had been blurred so he had difficulty seeing. My mother went to Jakarta for treatment today and the doctor said, my mother’s vision was only 1% and had to be operated on. At present, my mother is being operated on. Guess “, what illness did my mother suffer? Is my mother’s vision able to return? And what further treatment? thank you

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Hello Shafa,

Thank you for asking

Blurred vision of diabetics regarding the retina may refer to diabetic retinopathy. This condition occurs when the blood vessels that supply the retina (the back of the eye that are sensitive to light stimuli) are blocked by blood sugar whose levels are too high in the blood and are damaged. Slowly, this condition can make vision become disturbed until it leads to blindness. Initially, complaints due to this condition seemed mild, that is only in the form of the appearance of a floater, difficulty in distinguishing colors, and blurred vision, so often ignored by patients and only detected when the condition was severe.

Not only that, diabetes can also damage the eye because it causes opacification of the lens of the eye (cataracts), macular edema, also glaucoma (increased pressure in the eyeball).

Treatment for the condition your mother experiences can vary depending on severity. If it is true what the doctor says, that your mother's vision has very little left, it is likely that the best treatment indeed needs to be done by surgery, for example photocoagulation, panretina photocoagulation, vitrectomy, also injecting certain drugs into the eye (for example vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitors). Indeed, judging from the severity of his condition, it might be difficult for his vision to be able to return to normal as before. However, with proper treatment, the patient's visual function can improve significantly so that his quality of life will improve. Often, not only surgery, the doctor will also give your mother several types of drugs, also coordinate with specialists in the disease specialist in endocrime so that diabetes is handled properly.

It is recommended that you consult directly with the eye specialist who treats your mother regarding the best treatment of her condition, including the potential for recovery, and further steps needed to correct her complaint.

I hope this helps.

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