Blurred Vision When Sleepy?

Illustration of Blurred Vision When Sleepy?
Illustration: Blurred Vision When Sleepy?

My eyes are sleepy when they are bored. Then if you are forced to see things near why can you be farsighted ???

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Hello Aldi,

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To be able to identify disturbances in visual function, we first need to understand how the eye sees. The eye has structures that function to capture light and pass it on to the brain to be translated into what we see. These structures include the cornea, aqueous humor and vitreous humor, the liquid in the eye, and the lens. The structure will focus the light that enters the eye and will pass it on to the nerve layer of the eye which is rich in light-catching nerve cells called the retina.

The retina, which is rich in nerve cells (or photoreceptor cells, consisting of stem cells and cone cells, which have their respective roles in night light and bright light) has a role to analyze the shape, color, and movement of an object, and transmit these signals to the brain to be processed and translated, so we can see.

In principle, a person will see clearly if the light or shadow falls right on the retina. So, if a shadow falls in front of or behind the retina, there will be a disorder called farsightedness, can be nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hypermetrophy). This disorder can occur due to structural abnormalities in the eye (cornea, etc., as already mentioned) or an accommodation abnormality, namely the ability of the eye muscles to regulate the focus of a light. However, if this disorder is temporary, including when it is sleepy and out of focus, it is a form of adaptation in which the shadow does not fall directly behind the retina, and the eye will adjust it over time.

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