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Illustration: Blurry Eyes Suddenly


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Blurry eyes that occur suddenly and are permanent can be caused by many possibilities, here are some of them:

 blockage of blood vessels in the eye (can be in veins or arteries) ischemia in the eye nerve macular hemorrhage or retinal vitreous hemorrhage off acute optic glaucoma neuritis stroke etc. Basically, if there is sudden loss of vision / blur, your father It is advisable to immediately conduct an examination with an eye doctor as soon as possible. If it has been left for up to 1 month, chances are that anything that causes loss of vision / blur in the eye has caused permanent damage to the eye nerves. We recommend that you do an examination to the eye doctor to find out the exact cause of these visual disturbances. If there is still residual vision in your father's eyes and vision loss is still progressing (getting blurred), or if your father experiences pain in his eyes or his eyes look red, immediately check with an eye doctor and do not delay. If there is no vision at all, the eyes do not feel pain, there is no redness in the eye, no other symptoms are felt in this one month, then the examination does not need to be done immediately (considering the corona virus pandemic now), because of the possibility the amount of visual impairment that has been experienced is permanent and there is nothing that can be done to fix it.

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