Blurry Eyesight After Being Struck By A Blunt Object?

Illustration of Blurry Eyesight After Being Struck By A Blunt Object?
Illustration: Blurry Eyesight After Being Struck By A Blunt Object?

I died at the age of 29 years 1 month ago I got a blunt object in the eyes. So it was bleeding. After I was given a doctor, my medication was final, my eye pressure was normal, but my vision remained shadow. After that I was referred to another hospital. And treated by a different doctor. After my eyes were rungsen and the results of my eye image turned out to still be a lot of bleeding that was frozen, then I was given a drug whose name (Ranitidine HCL 150 mg and the drug methylprednisolone) I asked. Is that really an eye remedy for disappearing blood clots in the eyes?

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Bleeding in the eye or called intraocular hemorrhage or vitreous bleeding is bleeding that occurs inside the eye or vitreous cavity. Vitreus is a gel-like structure that consists of water and is in front of the retina. When there is bleeding in the vitreus, the clarity will decrease and cause interference with vision.

There are several causes of the emergence of vitreous bleeding, including spontaneous or due to trauma to the eye. The main symptom felt for example is a sharp disturbance in vision that occurs suddenly. Depending on the severity of the bleeding, visual impairment can occur totally or partially. Sometimes if the bleeding is minimal, it only causes a little blurred vision.

Treatment in this case is very dependent on the source of bleeding, severity, and condition of the patient so that the types of treatment suggested can differ from one another.
If bleeding is minimal, it can generally be reabsorbed by the body spontaneously and needs to wait for complete recovery for several months. While other cases can be suggested surgical removal of the vitreous body. Some cases may be recommended laser action or intravitreal drug injection.

The drug given is not specific to stop bleeding or eliminate blood clots. Often blood clots can be absorbed spontaneously by the body. However, blood accumulation can cause local inflammatory reactions. The inflammation that might need to be treated in this case is therefore given such therapy.

We recommend that you do further consultation with an ophthalmologist for further treatment according to the current conditions.

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