Blurry Or Blurred Vision After Lasik Surgery?

Illustration of Blurry Or Blurred Vision After Lasik Surgery?
Illustration: Blurry Or Blurred Vision After Lasik Surgery?

Hako my doctor is in his 20th who has counted five months after lasik surgery. The last time I went to the doctor who handled the LASIK surgery (3 months) he had said that my view was beyond the target and there was no need for control anymore. Then he prescribed cendohyalub which can be used when the nata is dry. but after these five months, why is my vision so blurry and more scattered when exposed to domter light? Is it because I do not routinely administer cendohyalub (indeed I have never put it in about 3 weeks) or what about the doctor? I’m really scared by Sasa’s vision now. thank you

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Blurred or blurred vision can be caused by several possibilities, maybe after lasik effects or maybe other eye disorders. Possible post-lasik effects include:

dry eye (dry eye) due to reduced tear production temporarily, this can also cause complaints of discomfort in the eyes and blurred vision
irritation of the cornea, can be a complication that occurs due to infection of the cornea
sensitive to light, after the lasik procedure can also cause symptoms of blurred vision
nearsightedness, rarely happens, after the lasik procedure nearsightedness can still recur
astigmatism / cylinder

To find out more definitely whether the cause of the blurry vision you are experiencing, you should check with an ophthalmologist again, for an examination with special tools to assess the condition of your eyes and find out the cause you are experiencing, because treatment must be in accordance with the cause.

Some things you can do temporarily:

lots of consumption of foods that contain vitamin A
or take extra vitamin A
multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit
use artificial ear drops / artificial tears to relieve symptoms of discomfort in the eyes that may be due to dry eyes
avoid rubbing the eyes
have your eyes checked further
read things related to the risk of lasik

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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