Blurry Vision After Using Cylindrical Glasses?

Illustration of Blurry Vision After Using Cylindrical Glasses?
Illustration: Blurry Vision After Using Cylindrical Glasses?

Hello doctor. I want to ask, I have been a minus for a long time but a few months ago when I checked my eyes had a cylinder of 1.5. The first time I wore glasses I used it as usual, why did my vision break and blurry? But when the glasses are slightly below the nose it becomes clear. Is this a process or do you have to wear it down?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Cylinder eye disorders, or what in medical language is called astigmatism, are different from nearsightedness or farsightedness. By definition, astigmatism or cylindrical eyes are visual disturbances due to abnormalities in the curvature of the cornea or lens. Curvature of the cornea or lens causes refraction of light does not take place properly and causes vision to blur.

What you need to understand here is that not all layers of the cornea or lens are curved, but only a small part of it. Imagine the pan being turned upside down as a corneal surface. Then imagine that one part of the surface of the pan is dented, and therein lies the astigmatism. In that part, the eye has a minus that is different from all other parts of the eye's surface because it is curved or uneven. That is why astigmatism sufferers cannot be corrected by the use of the usual minus glasses because the minus of the eyes is not uniform, there are certain parts of the eye that are minus higher than the other parts so it will always feel out of place.

For this reason, patients with cylindrical eyes usually have a description of the degree of curvature, for example 37 °, 45 °, 53 °, 135 ° and so on, that is to give a location where the curvature is located. Later cylindrical glasses are made, will have a special lens at that degree, and the rest of the surface of the other eye will have its own minuses.

In your case, we suspect that when the glasses are made, the degree is not right, and the right is when you lower the nose slightly. This could mean that the model of the glasses is indeed for use like that, or there is a mistake when making which makes the degree does not suit your needs. However, this is not something that can improve with time. You have to wear glasses that way after that. If you feel uncomfortable, you might be able to go back to the shop where you made your glasses and ask to have your eyepiece repaired, to better suit the degree of your cylindrical eye position. So, hopefully answering your question.

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