Blushing Eyes?

Illustration of Blushing Eyes?
Illustration: Blushing Eyes?

Hello, I’m Ahmad, I want to ask you about my eyes. On 3 February my eyes were exposed to soap, but I cleaned it with boiled water and didn’t rub it, but on the 8th my eyes seemed to have bumps on the inside and if I saw it I looked in the mirror and looked to the left. My eyes are red and there is like a membrane. I feel bad when I look right. What is the next step for this problem? I have not consulted a doctor, afraid my parents are angry 🙂 thank you

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Walaikumsalam wr wb, thank you for asking with in advance.

The existence of complaints of the red mass and the emergence of membranes or feel lumps in the eye can be caused by various things, including:

- Pterygium is an eye disease characterized by the growth of the membranes on the white part of the ball which can reach the cornea. This condition can be accompanied by complaints of red eyes, itching or pain in the eyes, and the eyes that feel lumps. The cause of pterygium is not known with certainty.

- Pinguecula is a yellow bump or spot that grows on the conjunctiva of the clear layer along the eyelid and covers the white part of the eye (sclera).

- Eye injury

- The presence of foreign matter in the eyes

Dry eyes are conditions when the eyes do not get adequate lubrication from tears. This condition can cause the eyes feel lumpy, red eyes.

You should do an examination first with a doctor. The doctor will conduct an interview and several examinations later. The doctor will provide treatment that suits your condition. It is better to avoid using eye medication without a doctor's prescription.

Here's what you can do at home: wear sunglasses or a hat when outdoors, use artificial tear drops to prevent dry eyes, avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands, avoid rubbing your eyes too hard, avoid allergic triggers if you have allergies, wash your hands routinely, avoid looking at the cellphone / tv / computer screen for too long.

If you experience severe pain in the eye, decreased vision, severe headache, go to the doctor right away.

Thank you, hope that helps.

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