Body Aches Accompanied By Head Feels Heavy?

Illustration of Body Aches Accompanied By Head Feels Heavy?
Illustration: Body Aches Accompanied By Head Feels Heavy?

Assalammualaikum, I have been sick for 3 days now from the first day, it was already aching, but let it go and the body was angered so I was taking paracetamol, but in the afternoon the body was getting hotter so it was immediately taken to the doctor at sunset and the doctor said it was just laryngitis. But after returning home at 8 pm, my body was getting hotter, my head height was getting heavier dizzy. But the next day I started getting better, but my aches and pains were still there and again when I woke up I had a lot of nosebleeds until the mucus was out like that my head liked a lot of weight so I felt dizzy like that. Why is that? Until now, there have been a number of nosebleeds, just a very thin body

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Hello Rifda

Fever itself is a survival mechanism with the aim of preventing the disease process from becoming even more severe. The factors that can trigger a person to have a fever can vary one of the most common is due to an infection in the upper respiratory tract such as coughs, colds, sore throat. In addition to increasing body temperature other symptoms such as headaches, chills, coughs, sore throats, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and achy rheumatic pain are usually also experienced by those who have a fever.

However, fever conditions should not be underestimated, although most fevers can heal themselves after a few days with enough rest and regular eating. There are also fever conditions that require special treatment such as for example

Dengue fever
Typhus fever
Severe respiratory infections: for example pneumonia, bronchitis

Chicken pox
Urinary tract infection

In general, the condition of fever is not directly related to the occurrence of nosebleeds, where the most common factor causing fever is a dry air environment or the habit of prying nose. In addition, nosebleeds can also occur due to blowing your nose (nyingsring) too tight, having a blocked nose or flu, having an injury to the nose, nasal polyps, or due to a sinusitis condition.

For a while Rifda can consume drugs that have been given by doctors who have examined Rifda, if within 3 days of undergoing treatment the symptoms do not improve then Rifda is expected to control back to the doctor. Or even though it hasn't been 3 days but the symptoms are actually getting heavier (fever is getting higher, nausea, vomiting making it difficult to eat and drink, very weak, etc.) then Rifda is also expected to return to the doctor so that the doctor can provide further assistance. .

Some tips and advice for Rifda to do are: do warm water compresses on the forehead area to help relieve fever, drink plenty of water, and try to keep eating even if your appetite decreases or feels nauseous. Rifda can eat slowly little by little so as not to vomit. And to avoid recurring nosebleeds you should not try to blow your nose (nyingsring) for a while, so if snot flows out of the nose should be wiped with a tissue or handkerchief.

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